Please read this page in its entirety before going to the submission link at the end!


What kind of photos are accepted?

Only covered boobies (hands, props, food items, bras, etc.) will be placed on the main photos page. There will be a separate, passworded "pay-per-boobie" page for bare-breasted photos, which will be available to donors of $50.00 or more.

As in years past — for participants' safety — names, faces and URLs will not be allowed on the photos. If submitted with any of these, they will be cropped out by our photo editors. We also have to kindly ask now — no animals used as props. Thank you for respecting this request! We will have an (optional) participant list in random order on a separate page.

Once again, guys are more than welcome to submit their 'racks' as well. We had 'em last year, and we'll gladly take 'em this year. Breast cancer will take the lives of nearly 500 American men in 2005 [link].

Can I submit a full-body shot?

We'd like to kindly point out that this is called "The Boobie-Thon". Although we certainly appreciate the enthusiasm, we're not here to compete with Playboy. Those sites are a credit card a dozen... October is breast cancer awareness month and we're all about the boobies here. Photos containing more than we've called for will be tastefully edited before appearing on the site.

What are the photo specs you are looking for?

  • Submitted photos should be no larger than 300KB in size (and might be edited down before being posted to the site)
  • Submitted photos should be approximately 500-pixels wide (smaller photos accepted, larger photos will be edited down before being posted to the site)
  • Color, b&w, sepia and digitially altered images are all allowed
  • Tastefully covered photos will go on the main photos page
  • Photos with full-nudity will be featured on a password-protected page available to donors of $50 or more
  • Multiple photo submissions are welcome and encouraged

  • Can I get creative with my photos?

    Please do — the more creativity, the better as far as we're concerned! In the past we've had "wet t-shirt" pics [link 1, link 2], creative use of food products [link 1, link 2], pretty things to unwrap [link 1, link 2], soaped up chests [link 1, link 2], and even a little festivity. Use your imaginations! "Theme" photos are always a big hit with our site viewers.

    It has been suggested in the past that females not use "man hands" to cover up their naughty bits. Use that tidbit as you will... It is also suggested that you use good lighting so viewers can easily see what they are looking at.

    Here are photo examples we've put together from years-past [2002, 2003, 2004] to give you a better, visual idea of what we're looking for:

    examples of past photos submitted where the participants got a little creative

    examples of past photos submitted where the participants wore pretty bras

    examples of past photos submitted for use in the pink ribbon / survivor gallery

    examples of past photos submitted to use in the 2005 Hurricane Katrina gallery

    examples of new photos submitted to use in the 2005 military thanks gallery

    examples of past photos submitted to use in our 2005 "pay-per-boobie" gallery

    examples of past photos submitted showing that male photos are encouraged too

    Make it this far and still interested in submitting your photo?

    Great! You can find the links to submit male and female photos here.

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