We're sorry but donations are closed for 2005. We ask that you still please donate directly to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Please keep in mind we will not be able to record your donation as part of this year's blogger event. But don't forget to check back again in September 2006 for info on next year's fifth annual event!

[donate directly to Susan G. Komen]
Your donation will no longer be recorded in our 2005 totals.

[please donate to the Hurricane Katrina victims]
Your donation will no longer be recorded in our 2005 totals.

Here are our official donation letters from Susan G. Komen for 2002 and 2003:

2002 Komen
donation letter:

2003 Komen
donation letter:

We will not have a donation letter for 2005, because for this event, rather than handle donations via PayPal as in years past we decided to make this donation drive a "pledge drive" instead (as we also did in 2004). The reasons for this were outlined in detail here, but basically it boiled down to greater ease for everyone involved. Both Susan G. Komen and The American Red Cross offered secure servers and tax-deductible donations. Donors were not required to be a member of PayPal in order to donate at either site, and PayPal was not able to skim a percentage off the top of donation amounts before we ever saw them. Komen and Red Cross also allowed the option to donate by mail and by phone.

For donors who chose to make "honorarium donations" to Komen in 2005, it was recommend they do so in the names of Sandee and Dori — two bloggers currently battling breast cancer. Honorarium donations were not required. They were merely a suggestion on our part.

Komen provided tribute cards for those who make honorarium donations, noting donors had made a donation in honor of the person specified. All tribute cards will be passed along to Sandee and Dori at the Boobie-Thon's conclusion as they are received.

Please note that in 2005, donors of $50.00 or more received special, passworded access to the "pay-per-boobie" page with bare-boobie photographs.

To view the donor list and donation totals for 2002* and 2003, please go here* and here. To view the donation totals for 2004 please go here. And thanks to everyone for their donations!

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