The 2003 Boobie-Thon was mentioned in the February 2004 issue of Self Magazine.

[Self Magazine - February 2004]

The "Body Confidence Awards" article started on page 82 of a tri-fold section in the issue. To see the entire feature (© Self Magazine), just click here.

The 2004 Boobie-Thon is featured in the November 15, 2004, New York Times.

[The New York Times]

The 2004 Boobie-Thon is featured at The Morning Call Online in Allentown, PA.

[The Morning Call Online]

2004 Boobie-Thon is featured at, Portalsjef TV 2 in Norway.

[Portalsjef TV 2]

The 2004 Boobie-Thon link is featured at "2 Guys Named Chris" on Classic Rock 92 in Greensboro, NC.

[Classic Rock 92]

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