BoobieThon 2.0

The outpouring of emails and messages we've received has told us one thing, you guys love the BoobieThon.  I admit, I love it too and it's been hard letting it go.

Therefore, with some updates and some streamlining, we are able to bring you BoobieThon 2.0.  What's different?

  1. We are no longer pledging for Komen. If that is who you want to donate to, that's your choice.  Our choice is to promote Breast Cancer Action. I think we all can agree that everyone is aware of breast cancer. Now it's time to focus on prevention and the cure.
  2. You will need to be a logged in to the BoobieThon site in order to post photos. We will never share your information with anyone, and we will never post your personal data on the site. However, in order to scale, we needed to find a way to get your photos on the site faster and without a lot of back and forth between volunteers.  
  3. Your photos will no longer be edited. They go right into ExpressionEngine (our content management system of choice) as "Pending".  A volunteer then logs in, reviews your photo, and if acceptable, moves the your photo to "Published".  This is a big change, as some of you know, because previously your photos were emailed and then volunteers would edit them, and then send them to our publishing team, which would then post the photos.  This took A LOT of time (see #2). More time that any of us have with jobs, kids, families, pets, and other commitments. This also means that if your photo does not meet the requirements listed on the submit page then your photo will be rejected. That might sound a little harsh, but the requirements are really very simple to follow, I promise.
  4. You can only post one photo per day. Make 'em count.
  5. We now run for the entire month of October. That's right, all 31 days.  
  6. Our updating hours are no longer official. Pledges are updated in real-time and photos will be approved day and night.  Not every single moment, but when time allots for our volunteers.  

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us. I know that not everyone will like these changes, but in the grand scheme of things, we will never make everyone happy.  Our core goal is to support research that saves lives...we have always said that we are more than just boobies. We are women and men who want to make a difference and the $84,000 we've raised in the past 10 years is something to be proud of and if we can continue to do that, we will. 

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